Action Item: Rep Dan Moul

Contact Representative Dan Moul, R-91.  Representative Moul attended New Oxford High School in the Conewago Valley School District.  Since he attended, the Conewago Valley School District has lost per-student state basic education funding year after year.  In the current school year, Conewago Valley School District received almost $3.5M LESS in PA State Basic Education Funding than the Fair Funding Formula calls for!  And over the 6 years since ACT 35 of 2016 was enacted, the school district has been underfunded by a total of nearly $10M compared to what it should have received if PA’s Fair Funding Formula was fully utilized for Basic Education Funding.  

Ask him to co-sponsor Rep Ciresi’s and Rep Sturla’s Fair Funding bills. Both bills substantially advance the cause of equitable funding.

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  • Be polite, but direct. This is an urgent priority and Rep Moul needs to hear that every year we fail to act more students are suffering.
  • Explain why this issue is important to you- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Remind him that inequitable funding is driving local property taxes up the most in the poorest communities.
  • Share something personal- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Use these sample emails for parents, teachers, and taxpayers for guidance or as a template if you wish: