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Fair Funding Trial

Pennsylvanians for Fair Funding supports the Education Funding lawsuit that is going on now in Harrisburg. We encourage you to follow the trial and to support the school districts and parents bringing this historic case for fair school funding at events in Harrisburg and in your community.

If you would like to watch the trial, it is happening most weekdays starting at 9 AM.

Pennsylvania’s lawmakers are hurting our children!

Students all over Pennsylvania aren’t getting the funding they deserve.

In 2016, the Fair Funding Formula was passed. This formula was created to ensure that every school district receives state funding based on student and community needs. However, nearly 5 years later, only ‘new’ money added to the education budget has been distributed through that equitable formula. Every year the vast majority of the education budget -well over 5 billion dollars- is distributed without regard to the need of students and their communities.

It’s time for a change.

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