About Resistbot

Resistbot is a service that citizens can use to compose and send letters to elected officials from their mobile phones. Using text/SMS, this service will message City (Mayors), State (State Represenatives and Senators, & Governors), and National (Congresspersons, Senators) legislators. It will even contact local newspapers.

How We’re Using It

Right now, with the push to get State Representatives and Senators to approve Governor Wolf’s push for Education Funding Equality in his proposed budget, we have crafted a letter to send to YOUR State Representative and Senator that uses Resistbot to deliver the message.

Here’s the message:

Text Resistbot

If you would like to send our prepared letter to your legislators:

  1. Text SIGN PYCSQD to 50409
  2. Follow the prompts.

I am writing to ask that you support this cornerstone component in Governor Wolf’s proposed budget for 2021-2022:

The roughly $1.3 billion increase in Basic Education Funding. Not only will this provide vital resources for schools and reduce the burden on local taxpayers, but it also, finally, begins to move the Commonwealth towards a system of fair and equitable funding for Pennsylvania public schools.

As your constituent, I’m asking you to support this funding and make sure it is part of the final budget that is placed on Governor Wolf’s desk. Yes, this involves spending more money.  But we cannot continue to discriminate against the Commonwealth’s growing and diverse school districts, which have been systematically hurt by underfunding for years. I have faith that you will do what is right and just for our children.

If you would like to send this letter to your legislators and add your name to this petition, all you need to do is text SIGN PYCSQD to 50409 and follow the prompts. There’s no cost and the message will be delivered right to your legislators.

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