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Pennsylvanians for Fair Funding

From the Philadelphia Inquirer

This opinion piece from the Inquirer looked at the Public Citizens for Children and Youth report on education inequities in the Philadelphia suburbs. It’s notable that PCCY found the achievement gap to be worse in districts that had tighter budgets. Where districts were more affluent and in communities where the cost of entry is a

Article from Sanatoga

A joint letter from the leaders of the Pennsylvania League of Urban Schools (PLUS) and the Pennsylvania Association for Rural and Small Schools: “The funding gap perpetuates poverty across rural and urban Pennsylvania, while worsening existing racial disparities. These disparities constantly reset a vicious cycle that many black and brown students find themselves trapped in.

Harrisburg Article

Article in WITF: I noticed that a lot of times underfunded schools have older schoolbooks, less adequate facilities, and don’t have the same extracurriculars or opportunities as other schools… and some of them aren’t even recognized by colleges or recruiters. Crystal Echeverria

Reading Eagle Op-Ed

Letter to the Editor in the Reading Eagle: Our state continues policies that are glaringly racist. According to the Education Law Center, our funding system underfunds 52% of students in the state. If you look at this from the perspective of race, the numbers grow more obvious and horrifying, as 78% of Black students and

PF3 Writers Team Op-Ed

In GO Erie, Pocono Record, and Ellwood City Ledger: These disparities mean that Pennsylvania has the largest gap of per student funding of any state between its wealthiest and poorest districts. They translate into fewer educational opportunities for students in underfunded districts: fewer AP courses; outdated books and technology; smaller art and music programs; higher