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Educational Gerrymandering Across the Country

In EducationWeek: “And the problem is more acute in northern states, where there are many tiny districts that align with town or city borders, than southern states, where school districts generally align with county lines.The more districts a state has, the authors note, the more opportunities there are for ‘educational gerrymandering’ leading to K-12 segregation

Fair Funding Vigils at Chester County Courthouse

In The Quad: “The procession began with one of the cause’s leaders, John Barnett, atop the courthouse steps, acknowledging the many people who came out and the large number of signs all bearing pleas for the PA government to stop the unfair treatment of schools.” Matthew Shimkonis

The Shortchanging of PA’s Students Leads to Deep Injustice

In The Leader Vindicator: In 2015, Pennsylvania passed a Fair Funding formula. However, this formula only applies to funding added after the law’s adoption so that inequities are locked in. Because of the Hold Harmless system still in place, which guarantees that districts will receive at least as much state funding as they received the

Wide Inequities Between Neighboring Districts

In USAToday: “It was just a poignant moment, seeing what we didn’t have,” said Sippio-Smith, a mother of two. She and her classmates returned to their school with a “sense that it didn’t matter – like, we could try our best, and it wouldn’t matter.” It didn’t matter that Sippio-Smith, who was in band, had

Gets day in court in Pa. fair school funding lawsuit

In Pottstown Mercury: The lawsuit alleges the Pennsylvania General Assembly has violated the state’s constitution by failing to provide fair and adequate funding for public education. Pennsylvania is currently ranked 44th in the nation in school funding, providing just 38 percent of the budgets of local schools. The remaining two-thirds falls to property owners in local

The rainy day is now!

In GoErie: This year, House Democrats pushed for more funding for these districts. And while we were able to secure a $300 million increase in school funding, our Republican counterparts decided the bulk of the $10 billion — $7 billion in American Recovery Plan money from the federal government and $3 billion from our state’s

Gerrymandering Enables Inequity of School Funding

In The Reporter: Political lines should be drawn to increase competitive elections, and create districts where either party has a chance to win. County and town, borough, city, all municipal splits should be kept to a minimum. Pottstown, in Montgomery County, is a perfect example of what is wrong with this process. The town is

East Stroudsburg School Board Director Opinion

In GoErie: We are one of the fastest-growing counties (if not the fastest) but our share of the educational state funding has always lagged behind. We have always wanted to do the best for our students but we do need a fair and equitable state funding system. George Andrews

Pottstown School Board Guest Column

In Pottstown Mercury: You might be wondering what that $13M would do for Pottstown’s students and community. While such decisions must ultimately be voted on by the board at a public meeting, there are four areas that have been identified by the administration as being in particular need of that funding. First, property tax reduction.

Our Op-Ed Appears in Multiple Papers

In Pottstown Mercury, Reading Eagle, Delaware County Daily Times, and more: Who pays that price of this inequity? Our students do, with cuts to needed programs; and our taxpayers do, as they are the ones paying to maintain essential academic and extracurricular programming AND keep up with the state mandates you’ve been hearing about. It’s