The rainy day is now!

In GoErie:

This year, House Democrats pushed for more funding for these districts. And while we were able to secure a $300 million increase in school funding, our Republican counterparts decided the bulk of the $10 billion — $7 billion in American Recovery Plan money from the federal government and $3 billion from our state’s revenue surplus — would be best set aside for a rainy day. The problem is, it has been “raining” in some of our school districts for years and the time is now to make the necessary changes so our children are in buildings that not only provide a quality education, but also do not make them sick. The extra influx of money would have made a significant difference in what education looks like in Pennsylvania. It would have leveled the playing field for all our students, regardless of where they live. A child’s ZIP code shouldn’t determine the quality of their K-12 education.We are one of the fastest-growing counties (if not the fastest) but our share of the educational state funding has always lagged behind. We have always wanted to do the best for our students but we do need a fair and equitable state funding system.

Darisha Parker