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Pennsylvanians for Fair Funding

Tag: Vigils

POWER Interfaith Rally

In Pennsylvania Capital-Star: https://www.edweek.org/leadership/is-your-school-district-underfunded/2021/10 “For school districts all across the state of Pennsylvania, it’s not already raining — it’s a doggone hurricane,” the Rev. Dwayne Royster, the executive director of POWER Interfaith, a grassroots organization of state congregations, told more than 100 demonstrators holding handmade signs. He added: “We’ve come to speak truth to those that

Fair Funding Vigils at Chester County Courthouse

In The Quad: “The procession began with one of the cause’s leaders, John Barnett, atop the courthouse steps, acknowledging the many people who came out and the large number of signs all bearing pleas for the PA government to stop the unfair treatment of schools.” Matthew Shimkonis https://wcuquad.com/6018668/news/west-chester-vigil-brings-light-to-pennsylvania-education-lawsuit/