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Pennsylvanians for Fair Funding

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East Stroudsburg School Board Director Opinion

In GoErie: We are one of the fastest-growing counties (if not the fastest) but our share of the educational state funding has always lagged behind. We have always wanted to do the best for our students but we do need a fair and equitable state funding system. George Andrews https://www.goerie.com/story/opinion/2021/06/07/guest-opinion-fully-deploy-fair-funding-formula/7542347002/

Pottstown School Board Guest Column

In Pottstown Mercury: You might be wondering what that $13M would do for Pottstown’s students and community. While such decisions must ultimately be voted on by the board at a public meeting, there are four areas that have been identified by the administration as being in particular need of that funding. First, property tax reduction.