Gerrymandering Enables Inequity of School Funding

In The Reporter:

Political lines should be drawn to increase competitive elections, and create districts where either party has a chance to win. County and town, borough, city, all municipal splits should be kept to a minimum. Pottstown, in Montgomery County, is a perfect example of what is wrong with this process. The town is 5.5 square miles, yet has two state representatives from two different political parties representing it, which really means no one can represent Pottstown’s interests fully. The school district, which consists of the entire town and is extremely underfunded, should be represented by one person who carries forth the mission of seeking to fulfill the needs of the students, town, and its people. One state representative totally devoted to Pottstown could assist with helping the town achieve education funding equity much better than two representatives on opposite sides of the table.

Dr Myra Forrest

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