Our Teams

As our organization has grown we have developed a number of teams who specialize in different aspects of our education and advocacy work. These teams inform and collaborate with each other so that we remain on the same page while working to fully utilize the skills and interests of each team member.

Steering Team

Comprised of organization and team leaders, the Steering Team sets the vision and direction of the organization. With an eye on recent developments in Fair Funding as well as an eye to future events, the Steering Team creates short-term and long-term goals for the organization and assigns the tasks to achieve those goals to specific teams.  

Legislative Action Team

 Influencing Pennsylvania legislators to pass legislation that funnels 100% of the Basic Education Funding through the Fair Funding Formula is core to our mission, so one of the Teams has to be focused solely on who those legislators are, where they stand, and what’s going on. The legislative team informs the rest of the organization about what actions might help move the legislative ‘needle’.

Writing Team

Educating taxpayers and influencing legislators are two columns of what this organization does. Therefore, creating content is a task that is continually played out and needs to be in the hands of talented individuals with a love of writing. This team works on a variety of projects- Letters to the Editor, Op-eds, scripts for legislator outreach, and online content.

School Directors Team

As an organization started by a group of School Board Members, a cornerstone of our strategy has been reaching out to more School Directors within Pennsylvania, forming partnerships, providing education (if needed), and inviting them to join us. At the end of the day, School Directors interface with their constituents and they know how to educate and activate their communities. This Team is focused solely on continuing that mission.

Communications and Tech Team

Since education and influence are the key focuses of our organization, then there must be delivery vehicles to put the content that educates and moves minds in front of people. Social Media plays a massive role (good or bad) in the way that people see the world and can be used to further the overall goals of 100% fair education funding.

Join a Team

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