Social Media / Marketing / Technology Team

If education and influence are the key focuses of an organization, then there must be delivery vehicles to put the content that educates and moves minds in front of people. Social Media plays a massive role (good or bad) in the way that people see the world and can be used to further the overall goals of the organization.

This team will take the data and content created by the Writing Team and develop Social Media strategies, campaigns, and content to act on tasks and goals set by the Steering Committee. Using all platforms (including the website, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, local newspapers, and others), this Team will release content laser-focused on specific goals with clear “calls to action” to achieve those goals.

Key positions within the Social Media / Marketing / Technology Team include:

  • Team Leader
  • Team Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Legislative Action Team Liaison (if needed)
  • Writing Team Liaison (if needed)

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