Legislative Action Team

Since at the core of what we’re doing is influencing Pennsylvania legislators to pass legislation that funnels 100% of the Basic Education Funding through the Fair Funding Formula, then one of the Teams has to be focused solely on who those legislators are, where they stand, and what’s going on.  

This Team takes the overall goals appointed to them by the Steering Team and creates strategies and tasks to achieve that goal. They break it down into small tasks that focus on “moving the needle” with legislators to support pending legislation or budget proposals. This team, reporting back to the Steering Team, might also create tasks that other teams will play a part in (ie they might decide a strategy is to write an Op-Ed in a newspaper in a specific district and the Writing Team might be tasked with writing the piece while the Social Media Team might need to create ways to put in front of the eyeballs of more constituents).

Key positions within the Legislative Action Team include:

  • Team Leader
  • Team Secretary
  • Writing Team Liaison (if needed)

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