Tag: State Representative

Tag: State Representative

Action Item: Rep Jim Cox

Call or email Representative Jim Cox. Ask him to prioritize fair education funding. Rep Cox is a Berks County lawmaker with a couple of underfunded districts together short changed over $10M. Rep Cox has previously sponsored fair funding legislative and is sympathetic to the need for funding to be equitable Contact Links Phone: 717-772-2435 or:

Action Item: Rep Frank Farry

Call, tweet, or email  Representative Frank Farry and ask him to support fair funding. Rep Farry previously supported a fair funding bill and represents underfunded students. Tell him students across the state are losing out on the education they need to grow into their full potential. This is especially true for students in underserved communities.

Action Item: Rep Craig Staats

Reach out to Representative Craig Staats and ask him to support fair funding. Rep Staats has school districts losing out on over 6 million dollars every year. Tell him that students from under resourced communities in particular are losing out on critical opportunities to rise to their potential. Contact Links Phone: 215-536-1434 or: 717-783-3154 Email:

Action Item: Rep Todd Stephens

Call, tweet, or email  Representative Todd Stephens. Rep Stephens was the prime sponsor on a fair funding bill last session. Reach out and tell him we need him to make fair funding legislation a priority this year. Children in significantly underfunded districts can’t wait any longer. Contact Links Phone: 215-368-5165 or: 717-260-6163 Email: tstephen@pahousegop.com Or:

Action Item: Rep Craig Williams

Reach out to Representative Craig Williams. Rep Williams represents parts of Delaware and Chester counties and has 3 underfunded school districts. He co-sponsored a fair funding bill last session. Tell him that equitable funding is critical for students in underserved communities. Ask him to make fair funding a priority. Contact Links Phone: 610-358-5925 or: 717-783-3038

Action Item: Rep Rosemary Brown

Call, tweet, or email Representative Rosemary Brown. Rep Brown’s school districts are shortchanged by $30M each year. It would be a huge help to the communities she represents if the state would provide equitable and adequate funding. Contact Links Phone: 717-260-6171 or: 570-420-8301 Email: rbrown@pahousegop.com Or https://www.pahouseformcenter.com/409/RepRosemaryBrown/SecureContact Twitter: @RepBrownPA Tips: Be polite, but direct. We

Action Item: Rep Chris Quinn

Call, tweet, or email Representative Chris Quinn. Rep Quinn co-sponsored fair funding legislation last session. He could use encouragement to make sure he makes it a priority this session, and encourages his fellow Republicans to support a meaningful, substantial solution as well. Rep Quinn represents four Delco school districts, all mildly shortchanged. Contact Links Phone:

Action Item: Rep Martina White

Reach out to Representative Martina White. Ask her to make fair funding legislation a priority. Rep White represents Philadelphia, which is shortchanged hundreds of millions of dollars every year. She supported a GOP fair funding bill last session. She could use some pressure to make it a real priority with her fellow Republicans. Contact Links

Action Item: Rep Wendi Thomas

Call, tweet, or email Representative Wendi Thomas. Rep Thomas represents two wealthy districts getting a bit more than their fair share. She is open to the plight of students in underfunded districts. Tell her why educational equity is important to YOU. Tell the story of the students who are shortchanged. Ask her to support fair

Action Item: Rep Kerry Benninghoff

Reach out to Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff and let him know that equitable education funding is essential. Emphasize that children across Pennsylvania are not receiving the opportunities and resources that they need to fulfill their potential. Our children’s futures, and the future of our Commonwealth are depending on a quality education for ALL. Representative Benninghoff

Action Item: Rep Curt Sonney

Call or email Representative Curt Sonney, the Chair of the House Education Committee, and ask him to hold a hearing on Fair Funding. Rep Sonney represents districts that are getting more than their fair funding formula share. He is next to Erie City, which is underfunded and where this op-ed just ran: https://www.goerie.com/story/opinion/2021/03/08/op-ed-we-need-fair-basic-education-funding-pennsylvanias-budget/6890304002/ In June

Action Item: Rep Stan Saylor

Call, tweet, or email Rep Stan Saylor, the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee and tell him to provide for fair funding in the budget. His committee just had a hearing on education yesterday. This committee has a lot of say so over how money is spent. He needs to hear from folks across PA