Action Item: Call These State Senators


There remains a real possibility of a major shift toward equitable funding THIS MONTH. One thing each of us can do to help is to make 2 phone calls (or write emails) to State Senators. Bonus points if you also tweet!

First phone call:

Call YOUR State Senator and urge them to use the budget surplus to support the Governor’s fair funding proposal. Find your State Senator here:

Second phone call:

Call one of these folks with the same message. These State Senators hold leadership positions and need to hear from folks around the state that this issue is of critical importance. (of course, call all of them if you wish!)

Third, take to Twitter!

Twitter offers a public and effective way to advocate. Again, we are focusing on the Senate leaders. Follow @pafairfunding for ideas and easy retweets.


  • Be polite, but direct. This is an urgent priority and these Senators need to hear that every year we fail to act more students are suffering.
  • Explain why this issue is important to you- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Remind them that inequitable funding is driving local property taxes up the most in the poorest communities.
  • Share something personal- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Use these sample emails for parents, teachers, and taxpayers for guidance or as a template if you wish: