Action Item: Rep Mark Gillen

Reach out to Representative Mark Gillen. Rep Gillen represents parts of Berks and Lancaster Counties. Most of his districts are shortchanged, missing out on around 16 million dollars a year collectively.

Rep Gillen has previously co-sponsored fair funding legislation. Ask him to make fair funding a major priority this year.

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  • Be polite, but direct. We aren’t asking for fair funding- we are insisting on it- for the sake of just treatment of our children.
  • Appeal to the morality of the issue- we aren’t treating all students with equal dignity and justice when we deny equity.
  • Remind him that inequitable funding is driving local property taxes up the most in the poorest communities.
  • Share something personal- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Use these sample emails for parents, teachers, and taxpayers for guidance or as a template if you wish: