Action Item: Rep Tim Hennessey

Call or email Representative Tim Hennsessey and ask him to co-sponsor Rep Ciresi’s fair funding bill. Rep Hennessey has previously co-sponsored fair funding legislation and has underfunded school districts in his legislative district.

He represents Chester and Montgomery County school districts shortchanged about 15 M dollars each year.

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  • Be polite, but direct. This is an urgent priority and Rep Mentzer needs to hear that every year we fail to act more students are suffering.
  • Explain why this issue is important to you- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Remind him that inequitable funding is driving local property taxes up the most in the poorest communities.
  • Share something personal- how does this issue impact you, your kids, your community?
  • Use these sample emails for parents, teachers, and taxpayers for guidance or as a template if you wish:

From the news:

“I was shocked,” State Rep. Tim Hennessey, R-26th Dist., told Digital First Media after being sent Mosenkis’s video.

“I don’t know that any of us realized it had played out that way,” said Hennessey, who said he forwarded the video to the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee . “I guess this is what they’re talking about when they talk about the law of unintended consequences. The question that matters ultimately is how do you get to 102 votes? Especially when leadership represents districts that would lose money if you changed the system,” he said, adding that he agrees with the idea of more quickly using the fair funding formula for distribution of state aid.